• Primal Movers movement training systems - Bergen, Norway - specializing in individual/group/office movement, mobility, posture and strength skills training along with nutrition and mindset lifestyle plans to help correct poor habits and achieve your physical potentials. Your training is about to become an integrated part of who you are, not merely what you do. New for 2017: 5-day home immersions!
  • Tom Mountjoy PhD CKT FRC/FRAms is a New Zealand born anthropologist, movement researcher, teacher and athlete with 20 years experience in health and athletic performance education. Continually looking to challenge modern lifestyle pressures, habits and perceptions, Tom offers you his unique movement-focussed holistic approach to health and longevity. In order to screen for those looking for easy solutions, and unwilling to challenge their own health preconceptions, ALL potential clients are by application only.
  • Further details and for current research and practice check out primalmovers on Instagram and Youtube