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Spiral Strength & Tension workshop


Exploring ways of intentionally harnessing tension and strength through the natural spiralling dynamics of the body. Open for all and applicable for any physical practice

Location: Reykjavik, - Primal Iceland

Further details & Registration link: New date yet to be announced

The Emptiness Project 2019 Expand Camp

Joshua Tree, CA - 17th-21st October (register here) 

SOLD OUT!! (email for waiting list / 2020 application) 


PrimalMovers - Movement & Beyond mini retreat

November 8th - 10th 

A weekend exploring the possibilities through becoming more aware of the motions we make - both consciously and unconsciously. We combine stillness practices with a more meditative approach to intentional movement that allows us all to expand our awareness and intimacy towards ourselves, others and our environment. Open for anyone wishing to look deeper and more honestly into their movement, and ways to creatively approach their everyday life with more meaning and presence. The beautiful nature landscape of historic Lygra welcomes you all. Limited spaces only - all accomodation, activities and catering provided. Transport to Lygra not included! Possibilities to extend stay for private training - application only.

Location: Lygra, Norway (1hr from Bergen) 

Cost: 300 

Registration via email:

PrimalMovers Return to the Heart retreat BALI

April 6th - 12th 2020

Location: Canggu, Bali

Hosts: Tom Mountjoy & Heidi Folkeseth

Details: This retreat has as its fundamental intention, a return to the heart. What does this mean to you? Is it possible to share an intention so strong, that it allows everyone the space, freedom and support to bring with them their own personal intentions as well? As hosts, it's our primary aim to create an environment where you feel free to simply be your true self. The learning and guidance will serve to reawaken a deep spirit of compassion, creativity and care for yourself and those sharing the space with you. 

The beautiful island of Bali will be our home-base for a week of loving exploration. Using different modalities to tap into our intuitive senses to connect, heal and strengthen, we will use the breath and natural environment to realign and recalibrate. Combining yoga with activities designed to awaken our creative potentials, alongside the stillness and silence, we will explore ways to simplify the meditative practice that ensures you will always have direct access back to your breathing, sensing heart. 

Accomodation will be in a luxury villa compound in Canggu. Each room is a double (either for singles or couples), with one option for shared. We will use the main villa and pool area for dining, practice and meditation. There will be plenty of opportunities to explore the local area with its amazing cafes and beaches, talk more in-depth with the instructors and fellow guests and digest you experiences at your own tempo. We will also offer an excursion to a local temple, rice fields and tranquil Ubud for a taste of true Balinese culture. There is also an option of joining the retreat without the accomodation option. 

If you feel the calling to experience this magical island, you'll know. We´re here for you all and our role is to help facilitate your loving self-awareness. You are always your greatest teacher. Please reach out if there's any questions or concerns. Spaces allocated on first-come, first-served basis. Also not that the Bali Spirit Festival takes place the last week of March - so maybe combine that with the retreat?!

Cost: Prices from US$600 - US$900 pp depending on accomodation options (couples US$1400)

Registration & Payment:

Very limited spaces for onsite accomodation!

(actual place pictured below)

PrimalMovers 'Return to the Heart' retreat

Sacred Valley, Peru - July 2020

(Details coming soon regarding exact dates, costs, options etc)

Previous Events

PrimalMovers 'Return to the Heart' retreat

Sacred Valley, Peru July 7th-13th 2019

June Update: SOLD OUT! Join waiting-list for next year

Join me and guest teachers for an intimate week of heart-opening movement, stillness, breathing, healing, sharing and creating in the beautiful Sacred Valley of Peru staying at the amazing Samadhi Sacred Valley retreat center

Details: This retreat has as its fundamental intention, a return to the heart. What does this mean to you? Is it possible to share an intention so strong, that it allows everyone the space, freedom and support to bring with them their own personal intentions as well? I think so, and as host, it's my primary aim to create an environment where you feel free to simply be your true self. The learning and guidance will serve to reawaken a deep spirit of compassion, creativity and care for yourself and those sharing the space with you. 

Surrounded by the majestic mountain ranges of the Peruvian Andes, the beautiful Samadhi Sacred Valley retreat center will be our home-base for a week of loving exploration. Using different modalities to tap into our intuitive senses to connect, heal and strengthen, we will use the breath and natural environment to realign and recalibrate. Our physical bodies will encounter some of the unique soft bodywork techniques I have encountered, experimented with and refined over the years along with activities designed to awaken our creative potentials, such as artwork, writing and poetry. And then the stillness and silence. We will explore ways to simplify the meditative practice that ensures you will always have direct access back to your breathing, sensing heart. 

Carefully selected guest teachers, along with local guides will provide additional support and inspiration and we will be nourished with the freshest organic plant-based produce collected and prepared for us each day by Samadhi's local chef. 

Accomodation will be in 7 unique self-contained ensuit bungalows each based upon the the sacred geometry of the seven chakra energy centers in the body, snaking like the kundalini down the hillside. Each has 3 beds and the main building houses separate areas for dining, study, artwork and a stunning panoramic top deck wooden floor space for our main practice sessions.

Using an experienced local medicine woman, we will experience one of the greatest medicines known for the heart in South America - huachuma - or San Pedro, during a full-day ceremony in surrounding countryside. For those not familiar with this ancient healing tradition, you will be in for a special treat during this day-long ceremony. Follow the link below to read more and familiarize yourself thoroughly with this potent healing plant - awaken your sixth sense - and experience the true reality of who you really are.

Dont worry, we will not be packing everything in at once! We will change pace to slow down and listen to our hearts, and share with each other at a relaxed and compassionate pace. There will be opportunities to explore local villages, meet with those living nearby, talk with the instructors and digest you experiences.

If you feel the calling to experience this, you'll know. I'm here for you all and my role is to help facilitate your loving self-awareness. You are always your greatest teacher. Please reach out if there's any questions or concerns and if money is a big issue, let's see if we can solve that as well. Spaces are limited and allocated on first-come, first-served basis, provided we agree this is a retreat that aligns to our highest intentions.

I am so excited to meet you in Peru, and share the heart space 

Costs: USD$1150 Early bookings (deposits paid on or before 1st Feb 2019) + those with discount codes personally given by me only (private students and previous retreat guests). From 1st February if spaces available USD$1350 

Due dates: Non-refundable deposit of USD$500 required to secure place at retreat. The remaining balance to be paid in full no later than 1st April 2019. Please contact me directly for payment plans

Booking: All bookings and payments to be done through me directly (

Includes: Full board at Samadhi for 7 days/6 nights shared accomodation in 3-person bungalows, 3 home-prepared vegetarian meals per-day, teachings and any materials used, plant medicines (San Pedro), Peruvian Despacho ceremony, local guides, excursions, airport transfers from Cusco. Double occupancy in a bungalow is possible, as well as single. Please contact me for details on additional costs. Also, I will provide personal guidance for pre-retreat preparations and post-retreat integration to all guests. Either in Peru, or via Skype, I will offer a free consultation to all participants where you are free to choose topics depending on your needs/interests. Retreat participants will always receive first priority when spaces open for private coaching and guidance as well as early registration access to future events I'm involved with

Not-including: Return airfares to Cusco, insurance, discretionary gratuities, any personal items needed. Prior to and following the retreat, I will support anyone wishing to experience the vine of the soul, Ayahuasca at one of Peru's most respected centers, Sacred Valley Tribe, located in nearby Pisac. I have a personal connection to this center and can fully endorse their guidance, methods and integrity. Ceremonies take place each Monday and Friday, and cost USD$60. Following the retreat, I will join anyone wishing to gather a group to visit Machu Piccu, one of the wonders of the world 

Deposit/cancellation: Deposit is only refundable if host cancels event, however it may be transferred to a future primalmovers retreat/workshop or to another guest. Please ask me should this be necessary. If guest cancels no later than 7th May 2019, full registration will be refunded, minus deposit. If guest cancels within 60 days of event, no refund will be made on all payments

Important info: All potential guests are required to have a 1-1 conversation with me in-person or via Skype to ensure compatibility and understanding of the requirements for events, as well as giving you an opportunity to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have. Do not book flights to Peru until you have received clearance from me only to do so! 

San Pedro: Known locally as 'Huachuma' and reportedly used for over 3000 years in South America

Ayahuasca: More information and relevant links here

Sample Day Itinerary: 

6am - Wake, tea/water, breathwork, meditation, soft-bodywork 

8am - Breakfast

9am-noon - Workshop or cultural activity

Noon - Lunch

1pm - Rest, writing, personal reflection

3pm - Workshop, lecture, group-work

5pm - Rest

6pm - Dinner

730pm - Group sharing, integration, bodywork & ceremony/meditation

930pm - Bedtime

"When will you begin that long journey into yourself?", Hafiz asked

Please contact me with any questions, however trivial they may seem. Or feel free to leave a message on WhatsApp and I will gladly call you +47 995 114 83

Photo credits: RetreatGuru / Samadhi Sacred Valley

Kinstretch with Tom Mountjoy
Primal Gym, Iceland
December 10th-12th 2018
Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system created from the latest scientific research by Dr Andreo Spina that develops maximum body control, flexibility and useable ranges of motion. Regardless of your favorite physical activity, we all require a level of joint health and motor-control that allows us to function optimally, mitigate the chances of injury and increase our bodily awareness in day-to-day life. 
Unique to Kinstretch is a self-assessment component allowing you the ability to monitor your own body for dysfunction that may be causing pain, loss of performance, or that may be putting you at an increased chance of injury. Kinstretch instructors are all Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialists (Tom also a qualified Functional Range Assessment instructor) giving them a deeper understanding of human biomechanics and practical movement awareness. 
Each of these 3 classes will differ in focus and intensity and will build upon the principles of the Functional Anatomy Systems program. No prerequisites are required, only a willingness to delve into your own movement patterns and discover particular imbalances that can be approached through training in a more specific manner. 
For more information on the Kinstretch system here

ExpandCamp 2018

26-28 October

Joshua Tree, California

Private exposure and expansion immersion looking at stillness, motion, sound, breath and nervous system sensitivity - Hosted by Tom Mountjoy, DJ Murakami and Fabian Realizer

‘Ranges in Motion’ : Exploring end-range options and nervous system sensitivity 

Reykjavik, June 6th 2018 - Primal Iceland

Details & registration here

PrimalMovers 5-days of Movement

Small group intensive - Bergen, Norway

July 23-27 & August 6-10 2018

Cost: 1 week €500 (10 sessions) or €125 per day (2 sessions) Maximum 8 participants. Session 1: 10am-1pm Session 2: 5pm-8pm (each week offers a similar program, but will of course differ due to the levels, interactions and dynamic of the group)

Location: Central Bergen and Fantoft. Most sessions will be held outdoors in the beautiful local terrain unless heavy rain, then inside at a training studio. One day each week will be a full day (8hrs) at a secret location outside Bergen will special activities and extended program

Program: Each day will have different theme (strength, mobility, endurance, balance, mindfulness), but all overlap under the general practice of movement sensitivity, collaboration, play and awareness. Group collaboration and creativity will play a large role in the dynamic of the coaching and structure of each session

Level: This is an intensive open to all ages and levels who wish to deepen their personal movement practice. No specific prerequisites required, simply an open mind to learn and participate in a small group setting. This isn’t a bootcamp, but will stimulate you in new and challenging ways - moving bodies, moving minds 

Registration & enquiries: to secure your spot. A non-refundable deposit of €200 required to confirm your place for the full week and the balance to be paid on arrival. Details of meeting place will be given over the weekend prior to intensive. Flesland airport, Bergen has many direct flights daily to/from all major hubs in Europe, plus a number of smaller locations. It is suggested you book accommodation in central Bergen area or suburbs along the Bybane rail line for easy commute to locations. These 2 options are summer weeks, however weather here is changeable so it’s recommended to bring clothing suitable for all conditions. Bergen is the gateway to the incredible West Fjords of Norway and extra days spent exploring the region before or after the intensive is highly recommended 

Feel free to get in touch if there’s any questions!

Still Movement Retreat 2017 

July 28-31

Lygra, Norway

Teachers: Tom Mountjoy & Nick Konow

About the weekend

Update June 1st LAST 2 SPACES!!

Building on last year´s successful MOVEMENT CONNECTION weekend, it is my pleasure to invite you to the first European appearance of STILL MOVEMENT - a new workshop series created in the US in 2016 and based upon the work of LA-based movement arts coach and performer, Nick Konow (@worldmvmnt) and Tom Mountjoy (@primalmovers)

During this unique 4-day immersion you will get the opportunity to explore your physical vocabularies in-depth through the Still Movement "Action" series pillars (Experience, Energy, Expression). We will be a small group, which means that there will be space and time for personal 'hands-on' guidance with Tom and Nick. Each day begins with breathwork and water-immersion techniques and will feature unique workshops looking at a range of movement themes - from the intersection of motion and stillness along with somatic developmental movement to inversions, locomotion, group improv, Plastiques and stretch/mobility strength practices. Evening group work will include guided movement meditations and breathwork along with group integration and sharing.

Accommodation will be at the historic Lygra Guesthouse, an old police station from 1770 beautifully appointed to modern standards. Rooms are mainly shared. Food will be local and organic vegetarian-based, with the option of local wild lamb and fish from the island. Tom will hold talks on the anthropology of movement, physiology "hacks" and tonic herbalism (some of which will be available to try) and we will share our movement philosophies in greater detail. This special weekend will be the most comprehensive workshop Still Movement is arranging for 2017. The retreat is all-inclusive and open for anyone interested in learning more about connection and freedom through the movement space. Teaching will be in English. No prerequisites required, only an open-mind and willingness to expand your movement horizons.

Workshops/movement sessions

1. Creating Space in Movement

How we can release tension from our bodies through compassionate movement and allow space for creativity, strength and performance. Focus on the spine, expansive breathing and releasing deep layers of tension

2. Mobility & Strength Awareness in Movement

How we can integrate stretching, active mobility & strength control techniques into our daily practice. Once we create space, we then develop wider ranges of motion to enable greater movement freedom. Introduction to Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) and expanding the experience of Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) into a wider movement space

3. Viewpoints - Movement and the Art of Expression

How we can learn to widen our movement practice through mimicry, time, tempo, duration, kinesthetic response and closer interaction with our natural environment. Here we learn to integrate and improvise our movement through practical and imaginary motion-scapes

4. Stillness in Movement

How we can find stillness through movement and create more presence in our practice. Through breathing, postural alignment and meditative presence mindset we learn to develop strength from the inside out. Suzuki´s "Statues", standing martial arts postures, walking, rolling and inverting

5. Connection through Movement

How we can gain and share energy from our moving connections with fellow humans. We learn to react, adapt, improvise and connect intuitively through partner work. Group improv "Phrasing", carrying and giving weight, receiving percentages, pushing, transitioning and dance 

6. Cat Sequencing and Ecstasis

Nick and Tom on creating and expandng your own personal movement space practice


Cost: 7000 NOK/$800/Euro 750 (including all transport, accommodation, food, teachings)

Earlybird price: (booked on or before June 1st) 6000 NOK/$700/Euro 650

Date: Friday 28th July - 4pm (meetup Bergen fish market) - Monday 31st July - 12 noon (ferry back to Bergen)

Location: Lygra, Nordhordland (approx 1hr north of Bergen. We will take ferry t/f Bergen). Nearest airport BGO Flesland - good connection to mainland Europe. Details of the local museum and area here

Registration: Send email to for details. Spaces very limited!

About Tom

Dr. Tom Mountjoy has a long and diverse background in various sporting practices and movement arts as participant, researcher and teacher. Growing up in New Zealand and spending much of his adulthood in Norway, Tom has slowly developed his unique blend of movement philosophy and practice to gain deeper insight and awareness into the interconnective nature of human experience. Following a long period of research in Solomon Islands, Tom has largely moved away from conventional western ideas of health and fitness to a more primal-based training and teaching practice which delves deeper into the more sensual, inner aspects of human movement capacities - From breathwork to deep energy flow therapy and connective tissue strength and adaptability. Tom is a certified FRC / FRA Mobility Specialist and MovNat trainer, bringing a wide-array of gathered experiences and influences to his teaching methods. Tom offers an integrated perspective on movement that has helped guide and inspire a diverse range of people worldwide looking to access their space of movement awareness and connectivity. More details of methods and philosophy on Tom's Instagram page @primalmovers and Youtube channel

About Nick

Nick Konow is an LA-based movement coach with a background in dance, theatre and performative arts. A certified FRC / FRA Mobility Specialist, Kinstretch Instructor and GMB Trainer, Nick brings a unique non-linear approach to the GRACE of movement. His approach at developing a movement vocabulary through cultivation and expression - an approach that is sustainable, progressive and ever-curious. Working with a wide-range of athletes, performers and movement enthusiasts, Nick is a sought-after and highly experienced coach who brings bundles of joy, skill and humility to each stage in which he shares his passion for the movement arts. More details of Nick´s methods and services on Instagram @worldmvmnt or at

Looking forward to seeing you there and sharing the movement space!




  • Movement Connection retreat July 1-3 2016, Lygra, Norway

    Movement Connection Camp July 1-3 2016 'Moving bodies, moving minds' Lygra, Norway