Training services

Primal Movers offers a range of fully customized personal, small group and business training solutions to help you and those close to you, achieve your true potentials. Everything begins and ends with movement, and your mobility is the key to your health and well-being. Working with a unique set of methodologies developed throughout 20 years as an academic researcher, coach, athlete and student of mobility, strength and conditioning, and eastern medatitive practice, you'll be exposed to the realities of life outside your wednesday night fitness class. Each client is personally assessed, all programs are tailor-made to suit your abilities and track your progress. The goal is to discover, experience and develop YOUR mind/body potentials and connection through deep body practice.

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) / Functional Range Assessment (FRA) and Kinstretch  mobility-based movement methods are features of our movement training but only once you are screened and assessed for bodily impairments and weaknesses. Our programs are demanding, but our philosophy is grounded in the strength we all possess to overcome external limitations, both in body and mind. This is no fad solution, these methods are intended to bulletproof your mind/body and equip you with a lifetime of health and mobility.

Current and previous clients of all ages range from professional athletes to those with little training experience, but open minds. Also customized office mobility and posture course for those spending long periods in static positions and 3-day private home Immersions and plant medicine integration coaching (see tab for details). 

"Still Movement" workshops with Nick Konow in the US and Europe and "ExpandCamp" desert immersions in California with DJ Murakami will be announced when finalized. Keep an eye on my Instagram page @primalmovers for the latest dates and locations. 

Private 1-1 intensive training and consultation in person/Skype available worldwide - email for details.

Be in your movement.